What can be delivered by Senpex?

Senpex’s couriers care about their work. Every delivery they touch is as important to them as it is to the customer. Whether it’s screamingly urgent like delivering a legal document or as sweet as a young man trying to win a lady’s heart with a bunch of flowers, our couriers really care.

Below list of some of our deliveries which we can do: * 3hr Courier * Same Day Courier; After Hours Courier; VIP Delivery; * Heavy Item Delivery * E-commerce Delivery * Passport Delivery * Key Delivery * Gift Delivery * Flower Delivery * Legal Document Delivery * Books Delivery * Paintings, antique goods * Technical hardware, mobile phones and other portable devices * Books and Journals/Magazines * Pharmacy, hospitals and doctor's stuff * eBay Courier Service.

Senpex serves individuals and businesses to ship their packages, on their schedule, using our trusted couriers. Customers can order delivery service any time, select a package size, and track their deliveries via the Senpex app and website.