Pickup from/to UPS, Fedex, Post Offices

With Senpex, you now have the availability to have your packages or other items picked up and retrieved for you. We can pick up any of your deliveries that have arrived at a UPS, Fedex, USPS, or any other post office location and transport your packages wherever you need them to go. Our dependable delivery drivers can deliver your parcels to locations by your request all across the San Francisco Bay Area. Contact us using our Senpex mobile app or call us at (669) 777-5733 to pickup your packages today!


At Senpex we serve our clients using our trusted couriers to ship their packages, within the scheduled time. We also have a better platform through which our customers can order delivery services and select a package size. This platform also allows customers to track their deliveries via the Senpex app and website.