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Shipping your product to customers is now easy

Charge your clients for delivery with our new feature 
"Pay By Receiver"

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Instant Delivery
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Our omnipresent network of drivers is there to pick up your order and deliver it in 90 minutes or less

Lowest price

We deliver at prices 12% lower than other Same Day Priority services.


Time is everything. Our service is always there at your disposal.

Track orders
In real time

Watch your items being delivered to the customer.
Make sure everything goes as you planned.

Flexible sizing
From envelope to luggage

Choose among our 3 sizing options and get quote instantly!
From small to large. You name it!

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  • "Pay by receiver" feature
    'Pay by receiver' feature

    Do your customers often ask you for express shipping? We got you covered!
    Open a corporate account with Senpex and charge your clients for delivery of their items. They  will receive an email with the link to pay for the delivery.

  • grow your market share
    grow your market share

    We help our customers expand their market presence by serving the audience that has no opportunity to visit their store every time they need their product.

    Let your customers order from you remotely with Senpex!

  • commission based partnership
    commission based partnership

    Can you spread a word about us? Earn 5% royalty on each order that came from you or your clients. Earn money with us. Become our partner.

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