About Us


Senpex is transforming on-demand delivery for corporate entities and individual consumers alike.

By utilizing an exclusive fleet, consisting of 15% of all courier applicants, makes Senpex the most selective, dependable and versatile team of on-demand couriers. Additionally, Senpex is the only player to provide the full-scope of heavy-duty vehicles when necessary, with the capacity to haul up to ten-thousand pounds of goods for select corporate or individual clients. Senpex is taking on-demand delivery to the masses.

Thanks to our proprietary pricing algorithms utilized by our team of dispatch professionals, we pride ourselves in continuously achieving the most affordable rates. Once deemed unthinkable, we also enable our couriers to take over 85% of the fare fee, enabling both the customer and their respective courier get the best rates possible.

Ultimately, Senpex was created and founded upon the principle to help all individuals and businesses ship packages of all sizes within a single hour. Now, thanks to our AI-powered dynamic routing software, further supported by our fleet of elite couriers, what was once a dream has now become reality.