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We take care of the last-mile delivery bottleneck

3rd party clients responsible for the delivery fee, to be charged with ease 
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Senpex's network of handpicked drivers are ready to pickup and complete your delivery within 90 minutes or less.

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We deliver at prices up to 60% lower than the competition.


Timing is everything, which is why our dispatch works around the clock and is always ready when you are.

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In Real-Time

Watch your items being delivered to the customer in real-time.

Flexible sizing
Thanks to Our Fleet of over 200 Full-Size Trucks and Vans

Choose from 3 different size options to receive your quote instantly!

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  • "Pay by Receiver" Feature
    'Pay by receiver' feature

    Do your customers ever ask for same-day shipping as an option? If so, Senpex is your go-to same-day delivery partner. Open a corporate account with Senpex today!

  • Grow Your Market Share
    Grow Your Market Share

    We help our customers expand their overall market presence by serving the audience that has little to no opportunity to visit their store every time they need their goods.

    Senpex allows your customers to order remotely, now you're everywhere your customers are.

  • Commission-Based Partnership
    Commission-Based Partnership

    Earn 5% commission on each order! Earn money with Senpex when you become a corporate partner.

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