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Senpex is on-demand express pick-up and delivery platform, where our algorithms propagate the route information to the network of drivers in such an efficient manner that we’ve managed to reduce the median delivery time to 55 minutes.

Instant Pick-up & delivery
clicks away
  • Our omnipresent network
    of drivers is there to pick up
    your order in minutes.

lowest price
  • We deliver at prices
    12% lower than other courier companies.

Available 24/7
  • Time is everything. 
    Our service is always

Flexible sizing
from envelope to luggage
  • Choose among our 3 sizing options
    and get quote instantly!

Track orders
In real
  • Watch your items being delivered.
    Make sure everything goes as you planned.

Sign up is easy
download the app
  • You still here?
    Make sure to sign up and
    download our app!

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